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The following contains all the rules, regulations, and fees associated with your wedding music. It also contains a brief FAQ that most planners find helpful. We ask that you read the document and signify your acceptance or rejection of the terms at the bottom of the page. The following music guidelines must be read and approved to continue with your wedding planning session.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have been involved at a wedding at our church in the past, be sure to read these NEW guidelines.

Music for your wedding will be an integral component of your Mass or ceremony. After you have reserved a date and time for your wedding, you will want to select your music. Samples of music may be heard on this website. The musical selections are in the order listed on the wedding planning form. You can listen to the sampled music selections and fill out the wedding planning form. You can then mail, email, or fax the form back to the parish musicians. The fastest way is to use the online wedding planner and submit your form electronically. If you have any questions not answered on the form, or any of the accompanying literature, the best way to get in touch with us is through email, ( It is not necessary to contact the church regarding the music. If we do not receive the wedding planning form from you 60 days in advance, your music will be chosen from the standard repertoire.

Your marriage Mass/ceremony is a liturgy of the Church that celebrates God's love for each of us, the model for the love two people share in marriage. The nature and focus of all Catholic liturgies is the community gathered to celebrate God's presence. In the presence of this assembly, the couple celebrates a sacrament of the Church which is a reflection of God's everlasting love for the world. Music chosen must be appropriate to a liturgical celebration. Many popular love songs speak of the romantic love between two people and ignore the fundamental symbol of Christian marriage, God's love for us. Also, the personal dialogue implied in these songs negates the communal nature of liturgy. These songs are better suited to the atmosphere of the reception and are not permitted for the wedding liturgy.

The organist of the Historic Church of St. Patrick, Terry Brassell, is the organist for all weddings at the church. During his tenure, he has played for more than 800 weddings. If you wish a guest organist to play for your wedding you must request permission in advance from the organist. The church's pipe organ is a large, complex instrument and organists must have appropriate musical training and experience to use it effectively. An audition may be required.

The vocalist of the church is Katherine Bishop-Brassell. As music coordinator and cantor, she has sung for over 800 weddings during her vocal career. The vocalist sings all musical portions of the wedding liturgy and will also provide additional vocal solos before and during the ceremony.


What if I want a musical selection that is not listed?
The Historic Church of St. Patrick views a wedding service as a sacred ceremony within the context of a worship service. It is our intent that the music chosen for the wedding ceremony be supportive and consistent with the sacred nature of the service. Secular love songs do not meet with the criteria mentioned above. The musical selections on the website serve as examples of the flexibility of style and abundance of Christian music that fits within the parameters set by our church. Any selections not listed must be submitted for approval two months before the wedding date. No CD's or prerecorded music will be permitted.

Do the church musicians attend the rehearsal?
No, it is not necessary for us to be there. We always speak with your priest or deacon prior to the ceremony and check for any last minute details or changes.

Do you have a trumpeter we can use?
Yes, the trumpeter you hear is Michael Smith and performs regularly at The Historic Church of St. Patrick. You can check Michael's availability through us, and we will take care of booking him for you. His cost is $150.00. If you decide you want a trumpeter, you must contact us immediately, as Michael's calendar fills up quickly, and he regularly performs at other events.

May we have other musicians?
We have other musicians we work with frequently, such as a brass quartet, string quartet, and a harpist. Contact us for pricing and availability of these groups. Please do not contact the church or send a check to the parish office. If you use the musicians we work with, there is no additional rehearsal or set-up fee. If you bring in your own musicians, there will be an additional set-up fee ($75.00) as the organist is required to assist all other musicians. Additional musicians will be set up downstairs off to the side in the front of the church.

May we have our own soloist?
Yes, but your soloist will require their own accompanist. The accompanist may play on the church's organ, or bring in a keyboard. Any set-up required (microphones, chairs, music stands) will be an additional fee. ($75.00) If your soloist will be singing one piece a capella, (no accompaniment) he/she may use the same microphone as the readers in the front of the church, and no additional charge will be added.

When I choose my music, may I move one song from one section to another?
Great care has been taken in selecting pieces with appropriate length and content. If you modify the selections, they need to be approved by the music coordinator two months prior to the wedding. (Before you print your program)

If I like a song selection, may I have it played just as an instrumental?
Yes, all selections may be played as instrumentals with the exception of the responsorial psalm.

If I liked a song, but do not want a trumpeter, may I still have it played?
Yes, all pieces may be performed without a trumpet

It is with this understanding that the following guidelines have been established for all weddings at the Historic Church of Saint Patrick.

Please enter the authorization code provided to you by the wedding musicians. If you do not have one, please contact them.

Authorization code contact: Kathy Brassell at .

I/we have read and agreed to the above guidelines and conditions and


to the terms set forth.